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Can I get a download link, please?


Sure! It's up now. Hope you enjoy!

Could I get a download link?

sure! it should be up now.


Thank you so much! I downloaded it : )

I hope you enjoy! This was the first game I made so it's cool to see people are still interested in it ^^

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Sorry for the huge delay but is it still downloadable?

it is now! lol

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I played it and got a couple endings. It was a really surreal experience. Its a good foundation for an even better game.

Some of the choices seem kinda forced tho... lol


lol you're very right about forced choices. thank goodness this game was mostly a programming exercise rather than a scripting exercise

thank you for playing! i really appreciate the feedback

haven't played it but cool

Hah thank you! If you're interested in playing I can make it downloadable again :-)

Sure, thanks!

Sweet - it's back up now. I'd love to hear what you think!